Masks 🎭 required and our trip to the grocery store

Before the pandemic, we went out a lot. It was a big part of our homeschool program. We love place based learning. And I explained the coronavirus and why we weren’t going out.

But I thought I’d give it a try Monday morning. We were out the door by 7:04am. We went to a Giant store far from home, so the trip didn’t feel so short.

He did ok. I touched his face a few times to adjust the scarf. There were people and they were wearing masks.

Shelves are mostly empty. We were in and out in 15 minutes. He wasn’t ready to go home though, so we went to our local Giant store. Maybe we can get what we couldn’t find here. And there, the challenge started.

He kept pulling off his scarf. I’d put it on, and he’d do it again. Finally, I grabbed his arm at the fish counter and scolded him. He grabbed back and pulled my scarf. If we get sick because of this, I’m gonna feel pretty shitty. Literally.

I was ready to drop our stuff and walk out, but his disability and my commitment about follow through gave us calm, and we managed to get what we had in our basket. He kept his scarf on until we got to the car. In the end, he struggled, but overall, did okay.

This was stressful and not worth the trip to buy essentials. When we got home, I jumped online to snag the next curbside pick up because we still need food. At least we can drive back up in a few days for more.

Thank goodness for essential workers. 🙏

Amy By Amy