He’s carried away 💋 😘, and my case of sensory overload

It started off with a sweet kiss on my head 💋. Aww. Can I get another? Aww. And here’s one for you. Muah!

Over a few months, the sweet kisses turn grabby and insistent over seconds at a time. Several times a day. I feel claustrophobic.

I push him back. And say, I need space.

Behaviors go through cycles. This one is going on month two. Whatever it takes to kiss my head.

He’s carried away.

I tell him to stop.

He can’t help himself.

Sensory overload numbs me. I tell myself- don’t attach emotions to behaviors. Before this, it was something. It’ll be something new, different, or a variation of this, after.

Would I accept this behavior from anyone else? Would I do this?

I used to ask, is this appropriate behavior? But the first two questions are more concrete and intimate. It’s my best compass. And it’s how I determine, is this behavior worth the effort? Behavior modification is a commitment!

I’m gentle, but firm. Consistent and kind.

As we start to extinguish this one, I brace myself for what’s next.

Amy By Amy