When you’re surprised and the surprise is good.

We live in a duplex. And just today our neighbors surprised us with these customized gates.

Bobbi’s wanted to chill on the porch, and now she can. Audric found his way to the other side though. He likes to test his limits.

I told him as long as he sat there, he could stay. But twenty seconds later he’s creeping down the steps.

I keep my eyes on him since he’s known to “explore”. I meet him on the sidewalk and convince him to come back. I used to manhandle him, but he’s strong and I’m not. So I talk with him and negotiate- like a typical teen- and he appreciates it.

Bobbi’s watching closely. I tell her to stay. I don’t trust her either. I’m cool, but things like this wipe me out. My body is on constant high alert.

But I can’t complain. It’s a beautiful day. We’ve been spending more time outside. I love these gates. So functional. And love that they were made with love just for us! ❤️

Neighbor made three, so I could partition the porch to keep them safe.

Amy By Amy