Why I asked the pediatrician for THC and the alternative

Audric’s sensory behaviors are standing out more. It’s hard to ignore. They affect his daily living on a functional level. He’s getting bigger too, so the behaviors are literally louder and more intrusive.

One behavior is teeth grinding.

When I brush his teeth, he winces. The bristles rub directly on his gums. I can’t tell if my pressure is too forceful. I don’t notice blood when he rinses, just a visual discomfort. When I floss his teeth, they are flush to his gum line. The dentist comments every time that he’s got wear on his teeth. I doubt he’ll have any teeth in two years. I wonder if implants is something we can to consider.

The other behavior is clapping.

It’s like a tick. He’s unable to stop. We had it on his IEP for a while. One objective was to carry a light, bulky box from one end of the hall to the other. He’d drop it, refuse to hold it, or somehow wrangle it under his arm. Then I gave him squishy toys and Beanie baby type toys to hold, but those ended up under his arm too.

Clap… Clap… Clap…

An extension of his clapping is finger tapping. He developed callous on his finger tips. He taps on windows, counter tops, shower wall, people, the dog, pretty much anything. And his hands are worn and wrinkled. I massage his fingers, but they don’t straighten out. They’re at this chronic bent position and it’s depressing and agitating to witness.

I started looking into medications or something that could calm his nerves. I’m convinced, he’s agitated. Though I’m sure proprioceptor exercises and activities help. Like swimming, yoga, horse riding. And I’m setting a goal for both of us to get fit in 2020, and to stay fit.

But someone suggested THC, so I asked the pediatrician. The short answer was no. Her explanation was that it could do the opposite of what I was hoping for. It could cause more anxiety.

I went back to the pediatrician and asked for an alternative, a prescription for a low dose SSRI or SNRI. While we’re waiting for insurance to approve it, I ordered CBD oil. We’ve been using CBD oil for a few weeks. I feel more relaxed. I don’t notice much for Audric. Maybe less agitation. But the sensory behaviors are still there.

💗, a.

Amy By Amy