A powerful and simple tool to improve self-care and so much more.

Every morning, I pray. I ask Universe for protection, guidance, and give thanks. Then, I pray several times a day. It’s my comfort.

I literally talk out loud and no one else’s in the room. No filter. And I don’t feel judged. Sometimes, it’s a conversation. I’m talking to the Universe, and it’s listening! Few people understand this lifestyle. It’s hard to find someone to talk to without feeling misunderstood or crazy. The Universe gets me.

I pray to vent, release, connect, get grounded, and feel better. I pray while I’m cooking, before I eat if I remember, while I’m in the shower, driving, etc. Having an open dialogue with the Universe at all times makes me feel loved, supported, and optimistic.

There’s something magical about praying and giving my heaviness away. And to really let it go. That’s the important step that takes practice. When I trip over my thoughts, I remind myself, “No, you gave this to the Universe. It’s out of your hands now. You’re not carrying this anymore.” And then I distract my thoughts so I forget about it. And that’s the Universe helping me do that too. The Universe supports me when I proactively make the move to let go. It’s synchronicity and I love it.

Prayer is one of those powerful, simple tools.

When Audi prays with me, he present and quiet. He listens as I talk to the Universe. Our prayer goes something like this:

Dear Universe, May we have a fun and relaxing day. Please keep us safe, protect us and guide us. May we manifest joy, abundance, and love always. Keep our hearts open to your messages and guidance.
Thank You. Amen. The End.

💗, a

Amy By Amy