Practice relaxing with an art activity for you and your child.

Since we started homeschooling, we get to make art together. It’s fun and relaxing. Instead of insisting he participate, I initiate on a blank page. I color, draw, and engage with my art. I draw a line in the middle, and he participate when he’s ready. He can use any medium he wants. We time the activity. If he hasn’t participated before the timer goes off, I give him a choice of a crayon or marker. He’ll grab one from my hand and make art. It’s usually a swipe.

This method is so much easier and better than trying to copy what art classes in schools do.

Here’s what you need:

1 (big) sheet of paper 📃
Set of color markers, pencils, paint, crayons 🖍 ✏️ 🎨

How it works:

I draw a line down the middle. So when he decides to participate, he has dedicated space of his own. Plus, he’s learning boundaries and staying on his side. I don’t care if he marks on my side. I just want him to participate for now. Modify this activity to work for you. If paint works better because it engages more and gives a tactile sensation and feedback then use paint.

The goal and purpose is for the parents to have fun and feel relaxed with a shared activity.

Samples of our art

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