Work with Amy

Hi! I’m a teacher, education and family consultant for special needs, and parent of a child living with special needs. I love helping families find balance at home.

What I do: I craft functional and manageable activities. They’re specific to you and your child’s needs, lifestyles, and objectives. The activities help you practice in the real world. You and your child are set up to make progress. Timelines are a guide, rather than set in stone. I’m your coach, fan and cheerleader. I support you along the way.

Why I do what I do: The dynamic of supporting a special needs child is overwhelming. Being stressed and overwhelmed at home is a big problem. I know the feeling. I’m not living a stress free life. I’m better than I was 14 years ago from a lot of practice. And I’m always learning and practicing.

You’ve got to feel better. Not just for your child, but for YOU! I know how hard it is to be where I am. And I know how hard it was when I was just starting to learn and do all the things I’m still doing. These are strategies I’ve used. It can seem like you’ve tried everything, but keep trying. You’re on the right track by being here.

How it works: The biggest step towards more calm and balance is showing up. Get started while you’re motivated and it’s fresh on your mind. You’re ready, and I want to help. Contact me to schedule an coaching session. You’ve got nothing to lose.

What behavior or concern do you have? Looking for feedback on a strategy you’re trying out? Leave a general comment below, or click here to contact me.