Amy K.

family and educational consultant, special needs blog and activities


Special needs life is hard. You’re constantly working to be there, get ahead, organize, or barely keeping up. You’re challenged daily. Sleep is a function, much like eating. We need both to stay alive -to care for our child with special needs. I so get it.

Remember what it felt like to sit for the whole meal and enjoy it? Or wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed? How would it feel to have more laughter and joy at home? What if we took a look into our future and wasn’t afraid to lean in? Not be so worried and stressed about future planning. Or what if others understood us and wanted to help? Not be judgmental or mean.

Those are things I want for myself, my son, and you. As a family consultant, special education teacher, and parent of a child with special needs, I understand how hard it is. And I’m doing something about it. My work is to inform, inspire, and connect. Because I hear you. And I totally understand.