Amy K.

family consultant for parents of children with severe developmental disabilities


Hi! I’m Amy- family consultant, special education teacher, and entrepreneur. My son has a severe developmental disability.

Caring for a child with a severe developmental disability is hard. And as a family consultant, I bring more than 14 years of experience and knowledge to help you find the strategies to feel better, more relaxed, and present.

When I seek help, I want someone compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to my situation. Someone who’s in tune to the nature of my child’s disability, and gives me strategies that fit me and my comfort level. It requires a level of higher intuition and presence. I want to feel heard and respected.

I want us to have healthy connections with others, positive experiences in community, and more fun at home. We practice functional life skills. Every moment feels like a teachable moment. And I work to integrate the activities naturally into daily routine. It makes practice easier and manageable and it holds the momentum of learning and engagement.

I came up with the business name from crafting activities for teachers and parents with children who needed functional, manageable, and engaging material. When I craft activities, I think about both parent and child. What’s their relationship like? What are their personalities? How do they communicate? What is the material needed for?

If you’re on the DDA wait list or the Autism Waiver wait list, don’t wait to get help. Get started now. Whether it’s getting organized, figuring out boundaries and routines and structure, I can help. Hop over to my Work with Amy page to learn more and how to get started.

Talk soon!